Compare Creator

In order to compare programming languages, it is often useful to see examples of tasks that are particularly appropriate for a given language. A good example for Creator is: 99 Bottles of Root Beer. You can see implementations of the traditional drinking song in hundreds of languages at 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Designers of other programming languages have their own favorite example tasks. Below are Creator implementations of some of these examples:

Turing Machine
At the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Prof. Clayton Lewis has had several Ph.D. students who have created end-user programming languages. (My favorite is ChemTrains.) To show that their languages are capable of non-trivial computation, they are all required to build a Turing Machine in their language. In this tradition, we have built a Turing Machine in Creator.
Prime Number
Four different languages solved the problem of generating prime numbers in the 1994 Visual Language comparison. Here is Creator's Prime Number Generator.
LED Display
The visual language FORMS/3 was created by Prof. Margaret Burnett. An example program for Forms/3 is the LED display. Here is the LED Display in Creator.

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