Alan Kay



Bringing Programming to End Users


I Systems

1 Pygmalion:
An Executable Electronic Blackboard
David Canfield Smith
2 Tinker:
A Programming by Demonstration System for Beginning Programmers
Henry Lieberman
3 A Predictive Calculator
Ian H. Witten
4 Rehearsal World:
Programming by Rehearsal
William F. Finzer and Laura Gould
5 SmallStar:
Programming by Demonstration in the Desktop Metaphor
Daniel C. Halbert
6 Peridot:
Creating User Interfaces by Demonstration
Brad A. Myers
7 Metamouse:
An Instructible Agent for Programming by Demonstration
David Maulsby and Ian H. Witten
Learning Text Editing Tasks from Examples
Ian H. Witten and Dan Mo
9 Eager:
Programming Repetitive Tasks by Demonstration
Allen Cypher
10 Garnet:
Uses of Demonstrational Techniques
Brad A. Myers
11 The Turvy Experience:
Simulating an Instructible Interface
David Maulsby
12 Chimera:
Example-Based Graphical Editing
David Kurlander
13 The Geometer's Sketchpad:
Programming by Geometry
R. Nicholas Jackiw and William F. Finzer
14 Tourmaline:
Text Formatting by Demonstration
Brad A. Myers
15 A History-Based Macro by Example System
David Kurlander and Steven Feiner
16 Mondrian:
A Teachable Graphical Editor
Henry Lieberman
17 Triggers:
Guiding Automation with Pixels to Achieve Data Access
Richard Potter
18 The AIDE Project:
An Application-Independent Demonstrational Environment
Philippe P. Piernot and Marc P. Yvon


II Components

19 A History of Editable Graphical Histories
David Kurlander and Steven Feiner
20 Graphical Representation and Feedback in a PBD System
Francesmary Modugno and Brad A. Myers
21 PBD Invocation Techniques:
A Review and Proposal
David S. Kosbie and Brad A. Myers
22 A System-Wide Macro Facility Based on Aggregate Events:
A Proposal
David S. Kosbie and Brad A. Myers
23 Making Programming Accessible to Visual Problem Solvers
Henry Lieberman
24 Using Voice Input to Disambiguate Intent
Alan Turransky


III Perspectives

25 Characterizing PBD Systems
Allen Cypher, David S. Kosbie and David Maulsby
26 Demonstrational Interfaces:
A Step Beyond Direct Manipulation
Brad A. Myers
27 Just-in-time Programming
Richard Potter


IV Appendices

A A Programming by Demonstration Chronology:
23 Years of Examples
David Maulsby and Alan Turransky
B A Test Suite for Programming by Demonstration
Richard Potter and David Maulsby
C Glossary
Brad A. Myers and David Maulsby




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